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The Cruz Events Story

This year we turned 7 years old. The picture above is the event where we decided to officially launch Cruz Events. Thank you to Phyllis Branch for being such an inspiration and motivation to taking this leap of faith. We’ve been decorating the Diamond-Netts December ball for 12 years and counting.


On January 1, 2016, Adam and I made the decision to officially launch Cruz Events. We filed the DBA paperwork, and we were ready for what was to come. The business was a part time venture since we both had full time jobs. The years went by, and we continued to grow within the community.


In March of 2018, I decided to take Cruz Events full time seeking to change things up in my life. It was kind of a knee jerk reaction to things going on professionally and I wanted to do things my way. I wasn’t fully prepared to deal with full time entrepreneurship and the financial burden it brings with it. That lasted a short 4 months because it wasn’t meant to be at that time. Waiting for what was next, I received a big opportunity which took me back to education. Thus, Cruz Events went back to a side gig and continued growth at a slower pace.


With life and the changes it brings I decided, yet again, to take the business full time in April of 2021. There were times when I wondered what the heck I was doing and if that was the right decision. Thankfully, business was growing and we were able to continue booking a variety of events. With the continued interest in our services, I began thinking of the next step in order to ensure the business was going in the right direction. One of those decisions was to create a website. @Cory Villafano took my vision and created which launched in the fall of 2021.


In January of 2022, with the professional help of You vs You Consulting LLC, we became an LLC. In May of 2022, we officially hired 3 amazing team members as employees who have been the foundation to stabilize the business. This was definitely a year of new experiences, growth, and vital business ownership knowledge. We are proud to say that we pay business taxes, both local and federal, unemployment taxes, sales taxes, workers comp, business insurance coverage premiums, and we offer our team life insurance coverage. This journey hasn’t always been a smooth one. I have had my fair share of bumps in the road, but I’ve learned to take it as a lesson and to work on doing better.


Over the years we’ve prided ourselves in giving back to our community. These include decor donations/discounts to schools, churches, and nonprofits, a total of over $5,000.00 in donations to local cat rescues, and establishing the Cruz Events Community Impact Scholarship. 


I always thank God for His guidance and grace. We will forever be thankful to our clients, our community, and our family and friends for their continuous support. An enormous thank you to those who have been a great deal of help with events when we were in need of additional assistance. Thank you to all of the local businesses that we’ve reached out to and collaborated with. We are looking forward to the bright future of Cruz Events LLC. #CruzEvents #WeCanMakeItSomethingBeautiful #MoreThanJustDecor #ShopLocal #CommunityInvolvement





Daniel Cruz is a local business owner and thrives on thinking outside of the box when it comes to event décor. With nearly half a decade of experience, Daniel has worked on building his own business and all while supporting local businesses within the industry. These events are like a puzzle; you must be able to bring in experts in specific areas to ensure that the vision comes together in every aspect. 

Each client and each event are special to Daniel. He understands how to work within a desired budget and will ensure that big or small, the final product is going to be unforgettable. 


For more information on Daniel's background, click the link below to visit his ePortfolio page.

'We Can Make It Something Beautiful'
- Cruz Events

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