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Elegant Design. 

Impeccable Style.

Seamless Execution.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Cruz Events LLC is to bring our client’s vision to life with elegant design, impeccable style, and seamless execution. We believe in a strong community relationship. Therefore, Cruz Events LLC gives back with a focus on animal rescues, education, and leadership programs. The goal is to inspire the community while making each event something beautiful.

Award Winning Local Business

Nederland Chamber Business of The Month
November 2022

BMT CommunityVotes 2023
Gold in the Event and Party Planning category

Taste of The Triangle
Best Booth Decor 2022

Taste of The Triangle
Best Booth Decor 2023

SBDC Announcement
Coming Soon

The Cruz Events Story

It all started when I was hired at the Hughen Center which was a residential facility for students with disabilities in 2004. The staff needed someone that would oversee the decorations for the student activities such as Christmas and prom and I agreed to help them out. I worked there off and on for about three years and enjoyed every bit of it, especially when it came to making their parties something to remember. Phyllis Branch was the head cook at that time at the Hughen Center and she saw that I had a talent for decor. In 2008, Phyllis approached me about decorating for the Diamond-Netts annual Christmas Ball.

The Diamond-Netts is a local nonprofit organization and take pride in being a part of the community. As the years went by, I accumulated a variety of decor inventory and was only using it once a year. In early 2015, my partner Adam and I discussed ways to bring in some additional financial resources which were needed. I thought of a decor business because we already had inventory and I had a passion for making things beautiful. We didn't pursue the business because it became a bit overwhelming to think about initially. In December of 2015, we were sitting at the Diamond-Netts ball, and we started discussing the potential business venture yet again. Adam could see that it made me happy, and it only made sense to put the decor inventory to good use. That night we agreed that it was time to launch our business. So, on January 1, 2016, my partner Adam Arceneaux and I decided to officially launch Cruz Events. The business was a part-time venture since we both had full-time jobs. The years went by, and we continued to grow within the community.

In March 2018, I decided to leave my job and manage Cruz Events full-time. I was experiencing some things in my professional career and needed a change, so this seemed like a natural transition. However, I quickly realized I was not fully prepared to handle full-time entrepreneurship and the financial responsibilities that came with it. After four months, another door opened with a big opportunity that led me back to education, and Cruz Events went back to being a side gig and continued growing at a slower pace. I felt defeated in that moment realizing that the full-time business venture failed; at least that's how I viewed it. The dream of owning and running a business was shattered, but in the back of my mind I knew it was only a test of what was to come and that test would allow me to inevitably have the opportunity to overcome.

With life and the changes it brings, in April of 2021, I decided - yet again - to manage the business full-time. I was armed with lessons learned from the previous attempt and was determined to bring the business to its full potential. Of course, there were times when I wondered what I was doing and if that was the right decision. Thankfully, business was improving, and we were able to book a variety of events, with each event leading to another opportunity. With the continued interest in our services, I began thinking of the next steps to ensure the business was moving in the right direction. One of those decisions was to create a website, and in the fall of 2021, was launched.

By February 2022, we became a limited liability company. Three months later, we officially hired three amazing team members who have been the foundation to help grow the business. 2022 was a year of new experiences, growth, and developing vital business ownership knowledge. We are proud to say that we pay business taxes, both local and federal, unemployment taxes, sales taxes, workers' compensation, business insurance coverage premiums, and we offer our team members life insurance coverage. I realize that I can only have part-time employees and that does not always come with great benefits or a livable pay rate. My goal was to provide the team with livable wages and benefits they deserve. In order to build a strong team with strong buy in, the company must invest in its team members. When you show the team that you care they will return the favor by giving it their absolute best for the business. This journey has not always been smooth. I have had my fair share of bumps in the road, but I have learned to take it as a lesson to improve.


We have always had immense pride in our community and are committed to giving back to our friends and neighbors. We are able to do this in a variety of ways, including offering donations or discounts on decor to schools, churches, and nonprofits. We have donated more than $6,000 to local cat rescues and established the Cruz Events Community Impact Scholarship on October 7, 2022. Since then, we have awarded three scholarships totaling $1,700 to local first-generation students seeking to continue their education after graduating high school.

I always thank God for His guidance and grace. We will forever thank our clients, community, families, and friends for their continuous support. A huge thank you to those who have been helpful with events when we needed additional resources. Thank you to all the local businesses we have collaborated with. We look forward to a bright future for Cruz Events LLC.

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Daniel Cruz is a local business owner and thrives on thinking outside of the box when it comes to event décor. With nearly half a decade of experience, Daniel has worked on building his own business and all while supporting local businesses within the industry. These events are like a puzzle; you must be able to bring in experts in specific areas to ensure that the vision comes together in every aspect. 

Each client and each event are special to Daniel. He understands how to work within a desired budget and will ensure that big or small, the final product is going to be unforgettable. 


For more information on Daniel's background, click the link below to visit his ePortfolio page.

'We Can Make It Something Beautiful'
- Cruz Events

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